View Full Version : Raigmore ward reopens

04-Oct-12, 14:48
Closure allowed 24 hour cleaning operation to be carried out

Ward 4C at Raigmore Hospital has reopened following a 24hour period of closure to allow for specialist cleaning to take place.
The ward was cleaned using Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour which is a newmethod that is particularly effective at decontaminating the fabric of the building (floor, walls etc). The evidence is that this will have a significant impact on reducing the environmental infection load.
The cleaning process, which was carried out by a team of specialists, was completed successfully and the ward was handed back to hospital staff Tuesday night and was fully operational Wednesday afternoon.
Dr Emma Watson, Consultant Microbiologist and Lead Infection Control Doctor for NHS Highland, said: “I am very pleased with the way this cleaning process has gone and we are really grateful to patients for their full co-operation
We are expecting this new method to have a significant and immediate impact but will know more once we have completed detailed monitoring, which is underway.
Dr Watson added: "It is important to emphasise that this is supplementary to routine infection prevention and control measures. Earlier in the year we also introduced a new and more sensitive testing regime. We are already seeing the benefits of this which is allowing us to detect infection earlier.”