View Full Version : Council's review of garages

04-Oct-12, 09:21
Authority keen to see better use of them

HIGHLAND councillors have agreed to consult with current garage tenants and residents living close to authority garages and garage sites on the number currently vacant and on how to make better use of these areas.
The council owns and manages 1,820 individual garages and 904 individual garage sites. Currently 1,425 garages are rented out and 653 sites are occupied.
As part of its review the Council will also be seeking views on whether there are opportunities for these premises to be used to help individual micro businesses to start up or be put to greater community use.
Chairman of the Finance, Housing and Resources Committee, Councillor David Fallows said: “This is a very worthwhile initiative to pursue, especially in these tough economic times. There are some inspiring good examples of successful businesses that have started out from modest premises, including garages. We need to think creatively on how to best realise the potential of these sites and this consultation will give people the chance to put forward their ideas for consideration.”