View Full Version : Council meeting to discuss 'midnight' deadline

27-Sep-12, 14:57
Authority received 54 responses from Highlands

THE Highland Licensing Board is being recommended to hold a special meeting on 29 October to consider the responses received from a recent consultation on its door entry policy for premises with late night opening hours, which requires admission by midnight.
A report being presented to the Licensing Board on Tuesday (2 October) says the special meeting will allow more time for members to read and consider all responses and invite a number of parties from each of the “for/against” sides of the argument to make a presentation to the Board on their position. Members would have the opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification and then reach a final decision.
The Board received a total of 54 responses from across the Highlands. This included a “Banish the Inverness Curfew Campaign” petition endorsed by 2,011 people.
36 of the respondents thought that the policy of midnight admission should be removed. 13 wished the policy to remain in place. This included Northern Constabulary, who say the existing policy has significantly reduced crime and disorder, public nuisance and enhanced public safety.
The Board invited representations by 14 September on whether the policy should continue and, if so, whether it should be extended throughout the Highlands.
Representations were welcomed on any aspect but the Board asked:

Does the Policy promote any of the licensing objectives and, if so, in what way?
Would removal of the Policy mean that the Board was failing to promote the licensing objectives and, if so, why?
Are the reasons for introducing the policy still relevant and, if so, why?
If the Policy is retained should it be extended throughout all or only certain parts of the Highlands and, if so, why?