View Full Version : Fishing boat hits rocks

25-Sep-12, 10:40
Lifeboat stands by as vessel refloats

Thurso lifeboat was called out in rough sea conditions early today after a fishing vessel struck rocks to the east of Thurso.
The Taylors launched at 3.50am after the Banff registered fishing vessel Norlan struck rocks at Murkle in force 7 to force 9 North Easterly winds.
Coxswain Wing Munro made contact with the Norlan immediately on the lifeboat's launch to discover that the casualty had managed to refloat itself using the rising tide.
The lifeboat continued to the casualty, coming alongside within five minutes where it escorted the Norlan and her crew safely back to Scrabster Harbour arriving at 4.15am.
There did not appear to be any damage to the Norlan on its arrival at the harbour.