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24-Sep-12, 08:54

IN this programme I will beplaying tracks from the new album by the Occasionals and chatting with Freeland Barbour, also speaking to Ian Green and playing some of the favourite tracks his company has released.

THE OCCASIONALS (Kevin MacLeod's, The Millar Man, Conal an Drunndain, Hardie's Triumph)
IAN HARDIE (Cheviot Blast, The Poetic Milkman, Kelsae Brig)
IAN HARDIE (The Bullring, The Omnibus, The Tuneless Clock)
THE OCCASIONALS (Carn Gorm to Blue Ridge, Banjo Branch Fiddle, etc.)
THE CORRIES (The Green Fields of France)
GORDON DUNCAN (Just for Seamus, The Thin Man, Lament for Mary McLeod, etc.)
ROBIN LAING (The Forth Bridge Song)
CRAIG McCALLUM S.D.BAND (The man who brok the bank at Monte Carlo, etc.)
CATHERINE-ANN MacPHEE (Canan Nan Gaidheal)
GLENCRAIG S.D.BAND (Oh dem golden slippers, Theme from Dallas, etc.)
WILLIE HUNTER & VIOLET TULLOCH (Leaving Lerwick Harbour)
CEOLBEG WITH DAVY STEELE (Farewell tae The Haven)
CULLIVOE BAND (Dick MacDougal's Reel, Fiddlehead Reel, Crazy Creek Reel)
THE McCALMANS (The Peatbog Soldiers)
ALY BAIN & PHIL CUNNINGHAM (June and Ian Green's Golden Years)
FERGIE MacDONALD (John F. MacDonald, Morag's Ceilidh, etc.)
ADAM McNAUGHTON (Fitba' crazy)
JOCK TAMSON'S BAIRNS (The back of the change house, Miss Girdle, etc.)
SEUDAN (Cameronian Rant, Caberfeidh)
THE EASY CLUB (Miss Lyall, McNeil's Reel)
I hope you enjoy this ceilidh and apologise for the poor quality of my side of the
conversations with Freeland and Ian. For several reasons the chats had to be done
in great haste.
Thanks as always for your interest and can I ask that if you have any request or
dedication for the next programme please send it to me by 26th Sepetmber, a few
days earlier than mentioned in this ceilidh. My E mail address is
Should you wish to stop receiving the flyers for my ceilidh just return this
E mail and type REMOVE in the subject line.