View Full Version : Dennis the degu..

22-Sep-12, 00:03
been in PAH loads within the last few months and he is stilll lonely, waiting for a home...and feel sorry for him ...but if I cannot find Cheddar the hamster what can I offer?
He is looking for a good home with patience to get to know owners as he isnt used to handling and good degu knowledge...no treats etc as they are bad to very bad..sunflower seeds and peanuts and even apple are seen as treats to win them over but contribute to diabetes that they are prone to with the sugar content /fat content............would love to house and love him but we dont have a wire only cage now...gave it away..when chinchin died ..........so anyone with a chinchilla cage willing to free up or anyone with a settled colony willing for an ursurper.....within limits .....extra cage etc if needed......