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09-Dec-06, 17:33
My band Waffles have just uploaded there nearly finished new song, its very rough demo track

Go on gee us some feedback, good or bad?

rather good to be honest!




09-Dec-06, 17:40
Listened to all three first tracks, not bad like, promising. I couldn't get Perverted Justice to work though, just kept saying stream failed.

Keep it up, some pretty good rock sound there! :cool:

09-Dec-06, 17:43
cheers for the feedback

yeah i uploaded it only 10 mins ago

it might take a fair while to prosess with myspace!


13-Dec-06, 15:05
who's your bassist??? waffles should total get some gigs on the go!!! bout time lol!!!

oh yeah - saw Biffy at this small gig the other night in perth .... total blew me away!!! musicaly ..... twice ..... :cool:

13-Dec-06, 19:13
alan thomson

Big E's brother if that means anything to u

alan is known to sum as Lil A

26-Dec-06, 23:05
i like it, a lot,

it made me think of the band Tool with a bit of the Ozric Tentacles to best describe the vibe i was getting, if that means anything to you, i have to admit i was hoping for some lyrics (capacity and hiding) but i definately got the urge to move when i was listening.. keep it up...
i am deeply sorry to say but the vocals in make someone happy werent strong enough in my opinion, sorry... its the voice, not the lyrics...

other than that, i wish you the best of luck, if you gig please post it.

27-Dec-06, 00:19
I still haven't heard the latest track because myspace sucks so much, I listened to the two tracks you have on Bebo and liked both of them, nice changes, highs and lows soft and hard, pretty good tracks, levels need working on though guitars sound a bit muffly and when the heavy parts kick in can't hear the drums, thats no slur on the music though, good tracks :)

27-Dec-06, 18:46
in make sum1 happy its not out voaclist when we recorded make sum1 happy it wasnt our main vocalist it was the backin so yes its not powerful enough!

but the music came out not to bad

14-Jan-07, 01:56
bebo page u and running


14-Jan-07, 23:05
bebo page u and running


says the profile is still private

14-Jan-07, 23:43
says the profile is still private

It worked for me yesterday, but your right its private now, zebedy must have switched that on, maybe he is re decorating ;)

04-Feb-07, 01:24
A live version on Make Someone Happy on the bebo page!

Our bebo TV


Check it out

05-Feb-07, 17:44
theres the video uploaded to youtube now

zebedy learned to resize files! woo


btw thats us playing 3 piece we have a new vocalist and rythm geetar player! same person lol just so u know!

watch this thread for more info

05-Feb-07, 20:14
what can i say? fuzz fuzz fuzz

05-Feb-07, 21:03
can say much the same on Empty Fortunes bebo video?

05-Feb-07, 22:27
can say much the same on Empty Fortunes bebo video?

Yip but thats more just to embarass calum as he is dressed up as a baby in the video

08-Feb-07, 16:35


the latest news on waffles

08-Feb-07, 17:03
... Ouch!!

08-Feb-07, 22:36
What a Soldier, your like that guy from Def Leppard, only you're a better drummer and Waffles is a better band than them :cool:

I bet you Waffles would never right a cissy song called Pour Some Sugar ON Me [lol]

08-Feb-07, 23:47
Damn... there's nobody I can offend in here :( haha

Well done Zeb, I was wondering how you did that for a while... then I realised it was your double kicker :D

09-Feb-07, 01:24
What a Soldier, your like that guy from Def Leppard, only you're a better drummer and Waffles is a better band than them :cool:

& FTR he's got 2 arms

I'm just gonna watch the vid zeb

09-Feb-07, 01:31
shades of Bonham in the quieter sections huh

Kinda hurt my head a bit, but hey rock on that's tight as a bon accord screw top

I feel sort of evil now:evil