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21-Sep-12, 17:08
Hello all,
I've been told there is a charitable collection of milk bottle caps going on in the area, which will benifit disabled youngsters in the highlands ? by donating a wheel chair to some one in need of one. Does any one know who is behind this, or have a contact details of organisation / person, I can't seem to find any info on the internet of a local collection, all info seems to relate to collections done some time ago in the south!!

Some local groups and companies are getting involved and I wish to assist but need the details before committing!

thank you if you can assist


21-Sep-12, 18:30
I know that there has been a hoax with this sort of detail in the past, I know a few old folk that were really upset over it last time, so unless you have some concrete details I would not spread this too far just yet.

Some similar examples detailed on snopes.com:

21-Sep-12, 18:53
In Stornoway our local plastics company - Stornoway plastics, do use the bottle caps from milk cartons, they recycle them but do not know what they make with them but they give donations to local charities as payback for donations.

21-Sep-12, 19:25
In Thurso the community health centre are collecting milk bottle tops, also Jamieson`s bakery have a box for bottle tops and a separate one for babywipe packets.

Bill Fernie
21-Sep-12, 22:15
I think the Stornoway Plastic connection is probably correct and I am sure I heard before that they collect plastic caps. Check this out to see that maybe they are more useful than we think http://www.stornowayplastics.com/Kingfisher_Creels/default.htm

I (http://www.stornowayplastics.com/Kingfisher_Creels/default.htm)f there is a use for them maybe more folk would collect and pass them on. If they use them they probably need large amounts to be of use.

22-Sep-12, 09:09
Thanks Bill - knew there was some connection in a vague way somewhere with Caithness Creels, did not have time or think to search internet!

It was local radio in Ullapool I was talking to (fellow hails from Thurso) they save all their milk caps and send them over in large heavy duty bags with some of the hauliers they know to deliver to Stornoway Plastics.

All the youngsters in the schools here save the tops from the milk containers - ensure they are washed please or they soon begin to smell the place out!

22-Sep-12, 13:10
I'm sure that the baker shop in the precinct, Thurso, are collecting bottle tops, to raise funds for a wheelchair

22-Sep-12, 13:37
So pleased to see that this time it appears to be true, thanks to everyone that's given details.

22-Sep-12, 18:39
Thank you for all the replies to my post, i'm glad this is a genuine collection for a needy cause. I will contact the bakers and heath centre to see if they know who is the organisation behind it and for more details!

thanks again