View Full Version : all iphone users

Mr P Cannop
20-Sep-12, 15:34
there are updates for your iphones

21-Sep-12, 14:16
I wouldnt bother updating to io6 just yet the map app is terrible and u lose the you tube app

Mr P Cannop
21-Sep-12, 16:20
too late i have the update

22-Sep-12, 00:45
Too late for me too, Apple have ballsed it up, the map function is awful. I use my iPhone as well as my GPS for geocaching, the map is unstable, it flickers too much, and on trying to zoom in the image turns grey. I'm led to believe that Apple didn't renew the licence agreement with Google, the owner of YouTube, but you can download it from the App Store.

Beat Bug
22-Sep-12, 16:52
So that's why the map app on my iPad has gone belly up!

Mr P Cannop
22-Sep-12, 18:22
will there be another update ??