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09-Dec-06, 10:39
Caithness Calling, by M 1924

Oh, cold and grey landscape! Whence the wondrous magic
That stirs and wakens thoughts of longing pain,
When Caithness hearts respond the wide world over,
To Caithness calling clear, o'er hill and plain ?

It cannot be thy beauty. Flat and treeless,
Thou spreadst thy bosom to the infrequent sun,
While oft the pleasant scene of field and homestead
Is blurred by rain or sea-fog rolling dun.

Is it the spirit of the old sea rovers
That haunts thy windswept moors, where peewits cry?
Where round each ruined tower and cairn, thy lovers
Still hear the footsteps of Romance go by!

Thy very place-names tell the thrilling story
Of created Viking from a Northern shore,
While tales of siege and rain and battle gory
Cling like the ivy, round castles hoar.

Whate'er the charm, thou hast the true devotion
Of sons and daughters wheresoe'er they roam,
For neither breadth or land, nor depth of ocean
Can wean those hearts from Caithness, youth's dear home.

09-Dec-06, 21:35
There's no place like home!Enjoyed that ..and yes I can see the grey skies in my minds eye.