View Full Version : Beware of lottery scamers

17-Sep-12, 17:44
Lucky wins may be too good to be true say police

NORTHERN Constabulary would like to remind the public to be wary of attempted frauds that have been carried out over the last few weeks. These have included attempts to persuade people to part with large sums under the pretence that they have won a large prize in a lottery or similar contest.
The recipient of the calls regarding "Lotteries" and other schemes will usually then be asked for bank details to allow the money to be transferred into their account be asked or to pay an up-front "administration fee". After payment of an intial fee is received, the normal practice is that further fees will be requested, then eventually contact from the caller will cease.
It is highly unlikely that any reputable organisation would call looking for bank details of the recipient or ask for an administration fee. The public are reminded of the dangers of divulging their bank details to anyone as this leaves their accounts open to access by others.
Another recent "scam" involved a vehicle for sale, whereby the potential purchaser was asked to pay the price in advance on the promise that the vehicle would be delivered. The promised delivery then does not take place. People purchasing vehicles and other items are advised not to make payment without being certain that they will gain possession of the vehicle.