View Full Version : Stocking up for winter

17-Sep-12, 13:21
Council ready for an “as-salt” on the roads

HIGHLAND COUNCIL has its winter roads campaign well in hand.
Salt stocks stand at 40,000 tonnes, just short of the 65,000 tonnes required. Supplies remain high because the authority didn’t need to use all of its stock last winter. Four new vehicles will join the gritters brigade along with the same number of pavement tractors, bring the outlay to 440,000. However, the council may have to rely on hird vehicles at the start of winter if the replacements are not delivered on time.
The council operates a force of 114 gritters and 42 footpath tractors. In addition 60 contractors help to provide snow-clearing vehicles, at short notice.
The authority has covered salt holdings at Inverness harbour with deliveries expected there, at Inverngordon, Wick and Scrabster, in the next two months.