View Full Version : Accused earns further rehab chance

16-Sep-12, 10:33
Consequences will be serious if he fails to take it

A THURSO man has been given an opportunity to get his life back on track.
Mark Macleod struggled with police who arrested him for a bail breach, on August 4, at his home in St Peter’s Road, Thurso, Wick Sheriff Court was told on Friday.
Macleod (28) had, according to a progress report, responded well to a spell at Osprey House, rehabilitation centre, in Inverness and Sheriff Andrew Berry further deferred sentence to allow him to continue his treatment aimed at addressing his alcohol problem.
The sheriff, who will review the situation on December 14, told Macleod at his earlier appearance: “The only person who can mess this up, is yourself and if you do, you will understand that the consequences will be serious.”