View Full Version : Six months jail for community service breach

14-Sep-12, 15:09
Accused's behaviour was "outrageous" - comments Wick sheriff

A labourer lost his temper when he arrived late to carry out unpaid community service only to find that his slot had been allocated to someone else.
Roddy Aitken had a few choice words for the supervisor who reported the incident which cost him a six months jail sentence at Wick Sheriff Court today.
Aitken (27) admitted beaching his community service order. The incident occurred on August 30. Aitken, of Girnigoe Street, Wick, had taken a day off work to report for unpaid duty.
Solicitor Alex Burn said that Aitken had been frustrated as he was keen to do the work.
Sheriff Andrew Berry, who saw a report, observed that Aitken had become verbally abusive to the supervising officer and when warned that the police would be called, made further offensive remarks and threats of violence.
The sheriff added: “The difficulty you caused to the supervisor was an outrage and completely unacceptable. You regarded yourself as having been put out.”
Aitken protested from the dock saying he wanted to change his plea but was warned by the sheriff that any further outburst would only make matters worse for him.
Sheriff Berry instructed that the community service order should remain in place, but minus the work element.
The sheriff added that it would be intolerable to expect the same supervisor to be subjected to Aitken’s behaviour again.