View Full Version : Silence!!

08-Dec-06, 12:43
There once was an orger named Cedric
Over night he became no longer
Great posts that brought some life
And many a great chuckle
No more shall we read
It's like he is deed.

That's not a copy and paste job either folks.:roll:

08-Dec-06, 13:24
well done angela5
you know how to jive
my heart took a dive
I don't feel so alive :(
back to the hive
to be a drone
don't desert us now
we would feel so alone.

08-Dec-06, 13:29
Unicorn my friend
what can i say
you made my day:D

08-Dec-06, 13:31
angela dear
never fear
when it's darkest outside
I will always be near :)