View Full Version : Stiffer penalties for mobile drivers

12-Sep-12, 13:01
Offenders could lose their licences under new legislation

NORTHERN Constabulary are today welcoming the new agreement between ACPOS (Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland) and the Traffic Commissioner which aims to enhance the action taken against bus and lorry drivers using their mobile phones whilst driving.
The Memorandum of Understanding will formalise the process of notification of mobile phone offences so the Traffic Commissioner will be able to consider further action against any individual and potentially company where a driver of a heavy goods vehicle or passenger carrying vehicle commits such an offence.
The introduction of this process could see drivers facing further action such as suspension or loss of LGV or PCV licenses, and even more repercussions for their employer.
Acting Inspector Norman MacLeod welcomed the launch today: "The introduction of this new system will mean that drivers of LGV or PCV vehicles can face further repercussions if caught using their mobile phones whilst driving for work purposes whereas previously they would have just received a fine and penalty points.
"With the added penalty of suspension or loss of license a possibility, this will impact heavily on individuals personal lives through loss of income or employment. It will hopefully get the message across not to use mobile phones.
"The launch today shows the commitment we all have across Scotland to eradicate this irresponsible action that unfortunately is still a problem on our roads but we want to reiterate to all drivers that using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving any vehicle is illegal.
"We in Northern Constabulary take mobile phone offences seriously and would like to remind motorists if they need to use their phones that they only do this when they are safely pulled over. Ultimately this is about improving safety on our roads for all and I hope that all motorists take today's launch as a testament of our commitment to such an unnecessary offence.