View Full Version : Blues n' Trouble Skinandis nightclub Sat 19th March

28-Jan-05, 21:30
Should be a great night for music fans from the far north.Spread the word.

30-Jan-05, 01:19
Will this be a drink free night as I would like to take my 15 year old son to see live music rather than have a bunch of drunks spoil the gig?

30-Jan-05, 10:34
Most of the people you are worried about wont arrive in Skinnadis until DJ Frantic starts spinning his disco tunes. I think it would be up to the terms of the licence for the club if 15 year olds are allowed in. Best to ask Brian Cardosi himself if it is allowed. Then again it probally would be the first or last time a 15 year old has been in the place

30-Jan-05, 11:48
Thanks for this. I'll get in touch with the owner nearer the time of the gig.