View Full Version : Council clears air over music tuition

11-Sep-12, 11:48
Authority is committed to providing the service in schools

THE Highland Council has clarified the costs of providing music tuition in its schools, highlighting that the net cost to the council of providing the highly regarded service is £1.17 million.
The cost of providing the service, mainly through wages for the instructors, is £1.624 million. Net income from tuition fees is £453,000.
Alasdair Christie, The Highland Council’s Chairman of the Adult and Children’s Services Committee, said: “We are wholly committed to providing tuition in schools and almost 3,000 pupils currently benefit from the expertise we provide through our team of full time instructors. We increased the charges following a public consultation in 2010, when it was recognised that this was preferable to reducing the number of instructors we employ. The fees we charge help cushion the full costs and ensure we can continue to provide an excellent service to our pupils, who want to learn a musical instrument.”
Tuition is offered in all 29 Highland secondary schools (1,283 pupils) and in 144 of the 183 primary schools (1,679 pupils). Tuition is provided in chanter, bagpipes and pipe band drumming; all woodwind; all brass; all strings and percussion. A total of 37 (full-time equivalent) instructors are employed by the Council.
The annual charge per pupil for session 2012-2013 is £252. A total of 352 pupils receive exemptions or reductions in fees.
As well supporting instrumental tuition, the council also supports eight regional music groups, run as an extension to the work of the instrumental tuition services.