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28-Jan-05, 16:21
since we're on the whole "favourite guitarist" thing, thought I'd open it up to all musicians, who would be in your supergroup line up?

so, so hard too choose but i think a POSSIBLE line up would be:-

Chris Cornell/Robert Plant - Vocals
Zakk Wylde - Lead Guitar
Tony Iommi - Rhythm Guitar
Cliff Burton - Bass
Joey Jordison - Drums


28-Jan-05, 23:03
My ultimate Line up would have til Be

Vocals/Guitar: Frank Zappa
Guitar:Jimi Hendix
Bass: Flea
Drums: John Bonham

28-Jan-05, 23:45
my fantasy line-up would be

Johnny Fats-vox and guitar
Addie Harper-fiddle/pedal steel guitar
Daniel McPhee-accordion
Addie Harper Jr-accordion
Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden)-bass
Cozy Powell-drums
That guy that sits in the precinct-tin whistle

29-Jan-05, 13:43
Here is mine

Paul Rogers - Vocals (Free, Bad Co. The Firm, Law etc)
Neil Peart - Drums (Rush)
Burke Shelley - Bass/Vocals (Budgie)
Andy Powell -1st Lead Guitar(Wishbone Ash)
Jon Lord - Keyboards (Deep Purple)
Scott Gorham - 2nd Lead Guitar/Rythm (Thin Lizy)

Yes I'm over 40!

29-Jan-05, 14:56
Oh, wow, a fellow Andy Powell fan. I thought we had all died out long ago.

As a kid, I loved Andy Powell & Ted Turner's dual leads on Pilgrimage & Argus.

Will have to think a bit about my ultimate lineup.

29-Jan-05, 22:32
Vocals Dio
lead guitar Brian May
Bass guitar Steve Harris
keyboards Klaus Wunderlich
Drums Cozy powell

30-Jan-05, 14:21
My line up:

Vocals: ME! or One of the chiels from the Proclamers
Lead: Jimmy Page
Bass: Keith Richards
Drums: John Bonham
Keys: Someone with no arms

30-Jan-05, 14:29
The other band I would manage would be:

Vocals: Jim Morrison
Accustic: Clapton
Electric: Neil Young
Bass: John Martyn

and Carlos Santana could fit in there somewhere as well.

30-Jan-05, 18:47
How about a DEAD musicians supergroup ?

Jim Morrison
Brian Jones
Ronnie Lane

31-Jan-05, 00:52
Bassman dug up some of my dead supergroup, but here is my rival lineup:

Freddie Mercury
Kurt Cobain
Paul Kossoff
Phil Lynott
Jim Capaldi

Can you imagine that lot agreeing on anything?

The Pepsi Challenge
31-Jan-05, 19:48
Gary Numan - vocals
Jon Spencer - guitar
Zigaboo Modeliste - drums
Joe Jackson - keyboards
Eric A - bass

Sounds like some horrible dream... and you'd be right.

03-Feb-05, 17:11
Chris Cornell : Vocals
Robben Ford : lead/rythym
ray Manzeric : keyboard
Eric Johnson : lead/rythym
Pat Torpey drums

03-Feb-05, 17:36
Lead Guitar: Charlie
Lead Guitar: Matt
Lead Guitar: James

No one else is required.

04-Feb-05, 17:35
Hé, there's not even 1 woman in ur lists.... are u men boycotting them :p ?

04-Feb-05, 17:45
Hé, there's not even 1 woman in ur lists.... are u men boycotting them :p ?

I think the list wanted immediate band members only, I don't think we're meant to list groupies?

04-Feb-05, 21:11
Pff was ment 2 be a joke.... ;)

But think a woman would be in place in a band line up

Vocals: Skin
Guitar: Santana
Guitar: Mark Knopfler
Bass Guitar: Mark King
Drums: Cesar Zuiderwijk
Saxophone: Candy Dulfer

05-Feb-05, 19:06
in the interest of bein PC :-

Vocals:- Skin (Skunk Anansie)
Rhythm Guitar:- Charlotte Hatherley (Ash)
Lead Guitar:- Donna R (The Donnas)
Bass:- Sean Yseult (White Zombie)
Drums:- Caroline Corr?! (The Corrs) [lol]

well, i tried........ :roll:

06-Feb-05, 21:53
Vocals: Michael Jackson
Lead Guitar: Dave Murray (Iron Maiden)
Rhythm Guitar: James Hetfield (Metallica)
Bass: Cliff Burton (R.I.P - formerly of Metallica)
Drums: Joey Jordison (Slipknot)

19-Mar-05, 03:30
Roger Manganelli = Lead Vocals and bass
Zacky Vengeance = Guitar
Scott Klopenstien = Trumpet
Jerry Dammes = Keys and vocals
George Schwindt = Drums
Rick Murray = Saxophone
Dan Regan = Trombone

19-Mar-05, 15:50
My ultimate band line up and 1 that would still be Rockin if here to day would be:

Vocals : Bon Scott
Lead Guitar: Angus Young
Rythm Guitar: Malcom Young
Bass: Cliff Williams
Drums: Phil Rudd

"It's A Long Way To The Top If You Want To Rock n' Roll"

21-Mar-05, 14:50
my ultimate band line up would b

vocals: jonathan davis(korn)/kurt cobain(nirvana)
lead guitar: john5 (ex-marilyn manson)
guitarist:james root(slipknot)
bassist:twiggy ramirez(ex-marilyn manson)/jeordie white(a perfect circle)
drummer:joey jordison & shawn crahan(slipknot)/dave grohl(nirvana)/dave silvera(korn)
keyboard:madonna wayne gacy(marilyn manson)

Cliff Claven
21-Mar-05, 22:30
The ultimate band line up has to be

Isaac Sutherland - Guitar/Vocals

Mitch Farmer - Keyboards/Vocals

Darren Coghill - Drums

04-Apr-05, 18:59
Vocals & Bass: Issac Sutherland

Lead Guitar: Joe Patterson

Drums: Jack Macphee

Would be mine

10-May-05, 11:40
vocals-liam gallagher
lead-noel gallagher
rithym-gem archer
bass-andy bell
drums-zak starkey

11-May-05, 12:52
well, its gotta be....

Vocals / Guitar - DAVE GROHL

Lead Guitar - MATT BELAMY

Bass - FLEA


god knows what kind of music they'd play. Probably some sort of heavy melodic pish :p

11-May-05, 15:44
4 get yer bands

The ultimate line up

Sven wittenkind
viper xxl
frank kvitta
dj rush
gayle san
andreas kremer
The surgeon
Oscar mulero

bass n vocals - Jason newsted
lead - dimebag darrel (rip)
rythm - max cavalera
drums - joey fae slipknot