View Full Version : milk men

10-Sep-12, 16:44
hi dose anyone know of anywhere that still delivers milk to your door....In Thurso

10-Sep-12, 17:14
someone in wick does it but not too sure of the number

shin chan
10-Sep-12, 17:19
Try Claymore Dairies in Wick 01955 602315. Don't think the office opens till after 10am

10-Sep-12, 17:39
Thanks i will try tomorrow

10-Sep-12, 17:50
Also i would like to say thanks for the info, i did use to get my milk from this milk man but i stopped once i moved house and was put to hospital to have my baby, Lost the number and never thought of posting it on here, as wasn't sure if they were still doing it, Will also give them a call tomorrow, Thanks