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Cedric Farthsbottom III
07-Dec-06, 23:58
The first song I heard by a Beatle
A day that caused me no strife
But thats what John had written about
reading the papers,a day in my life.

He said somethin about a photograph
That a found so bizarre
A guy I havnae a scooby about
Blowin his mind oot in a car

He talked about an English army winnin a war
Which took me a wee bit aback
Cos i thought it was a British army that fought in battles
Like the Falklands and Iraq

But in the song things start takin a turning
Cos the song seems to take a stall
Cos the words arenae written by John
But another Beatle called Paul

Woke up and put a comb through ma head
A thought this wisnae fair
Cos ye see in ma life ma heid is bald
Occassionally ye will see a hair

He then grabbed his coat
And looked deep inside his souls
Whits aw this rubbish about Blackburn
And found Four thousand holes

Holes to fill the Albert hall
Whits aw that aw about
Phillip Norman tried to answer this
In his wee book aboot the Beatles called Shout

He'd love to turn ye on said John
The drugs widnae make ye better
But if it wisnae for the drugs ma freends
We'd never had Sergeant Pepper.

By Cedric.With a little help fae ma freends The Beatles

08-Dec-06, 08:50
Hey Ced - What's that you said?

Took an old song, and made it better,

We hope there's lots more to come,

Let's have some fun,

Now all together,

Yeah, Oh Yeah, yeah, yeah........ Oh Ced.......

08-Dec-06, 12:50
Good one:D

08-Dec-06, 13:35
There's no more to come
cos our poor cedric is done :(
but if we are truly lucky
it'll just be a wee break from our ducky!!