View Full Version : Dog Fouling

05-Sep-12, 14:58
Today I witnessed a man letting hhis Jack Russell do his business outside a shop on Bridge St, he then walked away, I caught up with him at the traffic Lights and asked him to go back and pick it up, he said he was going to get a bag. I told him as a responsible dog owner he should be carrying a bag plus he shop owner would have likely been very happy to give him a bag, he kept replying he was going to get a bag and headed towards DR Simpsons. 10minutes later the mess was still outside the shop. It is People like this that makes Wick look bad...... Rant over

05-Sep-12, 15:48
you could still report him or name and shame him ..also u can get doggie poo disposable bags from the council offices for free ...........

Even Chance
05-Sep-12, 16:10
Take a photo of anyone you see doing this with yer mobile and post it on here.
Dirty fousome folk need named and shamed big time.

05-Sep-12, 16:52
This is my biggest hate! I have an alley next to my house and people are forever letting their dogs do their business in the alley or right on my front garden, i have had enough of it! I know dozens of kids pass through there on a daily basis on the way to the school, i use it too but avoid and go the longer way if there is dog mess there.

If someone wants a dog, clean up after it please. I dont mind so much doing it on my garden as people arent then standing on it, but then again me and my kids are! Its disgusting and rude! If you dont like to clean up poo, dont get a pet!

*mini rant over*