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Mrs Sweetie
05-Sep-12, 10:37
Don't let the roadworks at the Wick traffic lights junction of Francis Street/Cliff Road/Thurso Street/Dempster Street put you off! We are open as usual at 5 Thurso Street with some more bargains to tempt you.

Nestle have brought out some new sweeties and updated others - Small Milky Bar is now shaped like the Milky Bar Kid!, there are Jelly Aliens (a bit like Haribo jellies), milk chocolate Animal Bars and teeny Smarties in packs kiddies can collect to make a set of finger puppets from the wrappers. All these are price marked at 20p or 25p per bar/packet but you can buy any 6 for 1 which makes the actual cost just over 16p per bar. Great as a treat for lunch boxes, these sweeties have a long shelf life so you could stock up a few in your store cupboard. They would also make a good addition to your Halloween sweeties for guisers or keep them for stocking fillers. (I did NOT say the C word!)

Other bargains at the moment:
* 3 packs of polo mints 1
* 3 packs of 4 finger Kit Kat 1
* Oddities cheese or bacon snacks 3 for 1
* Maltesers/M&Ms/Minstrels/Planets Pouch - any 2 for 3
* Lucozade Sport drink priced marked 99p - any 2 for 1.50
* Ribena priced marked 99p - any 2 for 1.25
* Walkers crisps price marked 49p as stocked

Don't forget, we carry all the usual basics, tea, coffee, sugar, and milk together with a few other staples such as baked beans, packet soup, marmalade and we often have eggs and bacon in the chiller and sliced bread in the freezer. We always have household items such as toilet roll, tissues, bin bags and kitchen foil too.

We look forward to seeing you. :Razz