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05-Sep-12, 09:50
Parents given opportunity to view Gaelic resources for parents and toddlers

A very successful Gaelic Parent and Toddler open day took place in the Croileagan Inbhir Thčorsa (Thurso Gaelic Play Group) Building in Thurso, at the weekend.
The event was organised by Croileagan Inbhir Theňrsa and the Gaelic Parent and Toddler Development Worker for the North Area Mrs Carol-Anne Farquhar.
Parents and toddlers attended from Thurso and the North Coast. It was an interesting day, as during the morning sessions parents had the opportunity to view and take away a selection of Gaelic resources which are available, including: CDs, books, leaflets, Highland Council flash cards which include everyday Gaelic, phonetics, illustrations, and pictograms which have been produced primarily for parents to use when playing and interacting with their young children.
The parents used the flash cards and saw them as a useful tool for learning basic Gaelic in the home.
Parents also had the opportunity to meet with Highland Council’s North Area Gaelic Community Officer Shona Paterson to discuss bilingualism, Gaelic Medium Education and, she also informed parents that Thurso is included as a place for Gaelic development in the Councils draft second generation Gaelic Language Plan.
Mid-morning a Gaelic for Parents’ Class was led by Alasdair MacLeod using the ‘Gaelic for Parents’ booklet and accompanying CD produced by the council.
Later in the afternoon parents and children took part in music and storytelling sessions followed by a craft and play session, these were led by Mrs Ceitidh Hutton.
Kara Simpson, Treasurer Croileagan Inbhir Thčorsa, said: “The day was very beneficial to both the children and parents. The parents were delighted to see and hear the children having fun whilst learning Gaelic and to be able to participate through-out the sessions.”
She added: “The morning session allowed parents to have an understanding of what the children are learning at Croileagan Inbhir Theorsa, meet council Officials, and see the Gaelic resources which are available for parents to use. It was a delight to see such a good turn-out of parents and children.”
For further information please contact: Shona.Paterson@highland.gov.uk; or Carolannecala@gmail.com