View Full Version : In case if you have missed aurora last night.

04-Sep-12, 17:49
Both pictures taken at Ackergill beach.



04-Sep-12, 21:13
Quite nice pictures.

04-Sep-12, 21:15
Whoooo...had almost complete cloud cover here on the north coast, thanks for sharing.

04-Sep-12, 22:54
I did miss it so thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. :)

05-Sep-12, 14:00
I am glad you like it guys, here is a link to short time lapse photage from this event http://youtu.be/sslU2uYLwcA

05-Sep-12, 16:12
Just watched your time lapsed photos, with my son. Wow, they are really beautiful, the northern lights seemed to be 'dancing' in the sky.

Thank you for sharing, we were both really impressed. :)

05-Sep-12, 21:49
Stunning timelapse Maciek. Great work.

You can see how windy it was on the night with the speed the clouds scurry across the sky - the clouds ended up as streaks in the longer exposure pics I got from Thurso East, so I must try shorter exposures and higher ISO next time.

05-Sep-12, 23:01
The timelapse is brilliant! Really made up for missing the real thing. :)

05-Sep-12, 23:21
Thank you all guys.

Yes Gordon, clouds were moving pretty fast, on a time lapse above made with my old Canon 1000D I went for max ISO 1600, to cut exposure time, that's why is noisy.
On time lapse below made with Canon 7D I have used ISO 3200 and have been able to cut exposure to 8 seconds and I have used extreme wide angle lens which also helped with clouds movement.

Here is a new time lapse from that night, and is much better quality the previous one http://youtu.be/j_xmypY6lgo

05-Sep-12, 23:44
Here is a new time lapse from that night, and is much better quality the previous one http://youtu.be/j_xmypY6lgo

Wow! That one is even better.

06-Sep-12, 09:56
Thanks Gordon, glad you like it, you can now make similar or even better quality time lapse and pics with your new camera.
I have seen your shot from that night on your flickr account and it looks good.

06-Sep-12, 16:09
Thanks very much for sharing - great shots and time lapse too.

06-Sep-12, 19:38
Thank you pat.

Mystical Potato Head
06-Sep-12, 20:37
Cracking aurora band,some weird looking colours.

07-Sep-12, 09:55
Yes, I have never cought or seen so many green shades on aurora before, some bits are almost yellow.

01-Oct-12, 15:11
i love your pics,can you tell me when northern lights happen or have i missed them

02-Oct-12, 09:07
Hi viking954.
I am glad that you like my pictures.
Check this page http://www.spanglefish.com/caithnessastronomygroup/index.asp?pageid=424219 you will find there info and links to pages which forecast auroral displays. You can even sign up for aurora alerts on one of these pages and it is free service.

02-Oct-12, 18:30
Fantastic Maciej :Razz

02-Oct-12, 19:52
Thanks kara.