View Full Version : Police safety warning after cliff rescue

04-Sep-12, 16:13
Two youths trapped by incoming tide above Victoria Walk

POLICE in Caithness and Sutherland are advising members of the public to be aware of the changing weather and tides in the area following the rescue of two youths.
On the 31 August 2012 police and the coastguards were alerted by a member of the public of two youths who were stranded on a cliff at Victoria Walk due to sudden incoming tide.
When the police arrived at the cliffs they found one of the youths safely on the beach but with the other still stranded.
Due to the incoming tide and the fading light two police officers waded out to the cliff and assisted the youth and guided him to safety. No medical treatment was required.
Chief Inspector Matthew Reiss said: "I commend the courageous actions of the officers to rescue the two youths with potential risk to their own personal safety".
Northern Constabulary would like to remind members of the public that at this time of year, and with the forecast high winds, the environment can become very unsettled with swift tides and rough sea conditions. Caution is advised when near areas such as cliffs, piers and rocks. Always consult the latest weather reports when visiting areas with exposed shorelines.