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03-Sep-12, 12:53
The real sting in the tail in all of this is the club Kirkwood has betrayed us for
WICK ACADEMY fans are still reeling from the shock news that they have lost their manager, Davie Kirkwood to derby rivals Brora Rangers.
The supporters’ anger, vented in the web’s social sites, is understandable, not least given the short time he was in charge at Harmsworth Park. The salt in the wound is the destination he choose....Dudgeon Park!.
Supporters need to get the betrayal, probably for a few more pieces of silver, off their chests but as the Romans would have said, the dye is cast. Kirkwood is effectively no more at the Harmsworth. That is not going to change, even thought the ex-Glasgow Ranger appears to be in something of a limbo while compensation is thrashed out.
Club chairman Colin Stewart has rightly kept the ball on the ground and is reserving any detailed comment until after matters have been discussed by his executive committee. He did say confirm, that Kirkwood is still manager of Wick Academy.
At the end of the day, though, it is a fact that Kirkwood won’t be coming back over the Ord. All the anger and resentment won’t change that, and what is really important is what Academy and its fans do now.
Assistant manager Richard Hughes and club stalwart Pat Miller have shown the way, by stepping into the breach and taking charge of the team meantime. I am sure supporters will get behind them.
The forthcoming cup encounter against Brora, at home, is certain to be a tension-filled affair and no doubt the Scorris’ fan will be desperate to make their feelings known. Let’s ensure that the Kirkwood affair doesn’t become the over-riding issue instead of the match itself.
Actions speak louder than words, they say, and, in my view, the best course of action for Wick, would be to do their talking where it really counts...on the pitch.
Come on you Scorries!

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