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03-Sep-12, 10:53
Medieval Christmas Banquets.

A couple of friends of ours are doing this at the Ironworks In Inverness this Christmas. It should be great fun and will include a meal and loads of entertainment.

The story is that Sir Thomas Randolph and his lovely wife ( she really is lovely - its ME) are holding a banquet to garner support for Bruce before Bannockburn. He wants to heal the emnity that exists between John Campbell and Angus Og Macdonald. in addition there is a Templar knight who is looking for a place to bring the orders treasurer away from the persecution of Philip IV of France. Merlin has advised Randolph that a tournament a plaisance is a good way for each household to come together in friendship.

There will be authentic fighting with swords and a ball and chain fight, there will be all sorts of shenanigans and silliness and then dancing in the ironworks til late.

If you are interested then you can check here http://www.historymattersltd.com/Medieval_christmas_banquet.html for all the info.