View Full Version : The Christmas Rush

07-Dec-06, 07:15
The Christmas rush is upon us
Whether we like it or not
We really can't get through it
Without some bother and fuss

We shop till we drop for ages
Looking for the perfect gifts
Perhaps some items of clothing
And hoping that it will all fit

So many cards to be written
Addressed and sent in the mail
All will be duly delivered
In sunshine, snow, sleet or hail

Then there's the present wrapping
With colourful paper and bows
Some we send with the postie
And some under tree they will go

You ask yourself if it's worth it
The rushing and dashing about
The answer's upon happy faces
Come Christmas, you're left in no doubt!

07-Dec-06, 21:54
Well done Sporran, You've got it !

I love it all - the rushing about and packing and posting.
All within my limits, and believe me the old legs dont really do much Rushing nowadays !

Still it's great fun.
Happy Days to all,

Cedric Farthsbottom III
08-Dec-06, 00:20
Nice one Sporran....feeling all festive noo .....ho ho ho!!!!:lol: :lol:

08-Dec-06, 00:42
Well done Sporran.

08-Dec-06, 01:03
Thanks so much, folks. I had fun writing it! :D Cedric I enjoy your poems too - keep up the good work!