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01-Sep-12, 08:56
Accused to sheriff-"Jail me...I don't want to do community service"

A SHERIFF granted a teenage accused’s unusual request yesterday...and sentenced him to three months detention.
Wick Sheriff Court was told that according to a background report, 16-year-old Eddie MacGregor didn’t want to continue carrying out unpaid work in the community, had breached the order and wished to be sentenced to a custodial term.
MacGregor, of Heatherbell Cottages, John O’ Groats, was ordered to carry out 150 hours unpaid work in the community, when he appeared in the dock in June, after admitting a reduced charge of assault. He pushed John Mackay in Cliff Road, Wick, on May 4, who sustained a cut to his head when he fell to the ground.
The accused reappeared yesterday when the court was told about his negative attitude to carrying out the work which had led to a ‘clear’ breach of his bail.
Sheriff Gordon Fleetwood said that a background report was “not very encouraging”, noting that MacGregor’s attitude to the community service order was clearly stated.
MacGregor’s solicitor, Neil Wilson said: “He has reacted very badly to the order and has indicated to his social worker that he is not interested in doing unpaid work.”
Mr Wilson went on: “It is somewhat disappointing to find a young man who does not wish to put something back into his community and wants to go into custody. At least he won’t be wasting any more of his social worker’s time. Hopefully, while in detention he will reflect that paying back the community is preferably to sitting in a cell.”