View Full Version : Iphone 3gs

31-Aug-12, 11:02
Is there anyone locally that can unlock an iphone 3gs

06-Sep-12, 09:10
What network is it? most carriers will unlock it for 20.

10-Sep-12, 20:35
Well i still have iphone 3g when my network provider was 02 i phoned them up i payed them 17 i think that was a few years ago and then when i got a text through say it was done i had to sync with itunes to change settings and that was done.
Does ure ifone 3gs run slow? My iphone when i updated to its last update thats was a good year ago its run like an old cow now really slow the iphone 3g u dont get updates for it now i can help but think it w the last update that slowed it down but it wont revert back now