View Full Version : Morris Minor with a major pedigree

28-Aug-12, 08:33
Classic car was still fit for a marathon test

A RETIRED Caithness hotelier proved the durability of the popular Morris Minor by giving it a marathon challenge.
John Mackay demonstrated that the classic car is every bit as good as the day it was built, 84 years ago by taking it on that famous route, from John Oí Groats to Landís End, some years ago.
The Morris, the oldest one of its kind in the world, was purchased by John from its first owner in Inverness, for £270 in the early seventies. He had once used it to take him to church every Sunday but had lain in a barn for many years.
John (72) spent years restoring the grand old lady of the road and says it still get a smile when he drives it through the streets. He intends to donate it to a museum when he passes on, so that it can be admired by the general public.