View Full Version : High Tea

27-Aug-12, 14:59
Anyone know where we can go for an old fashioned Sunday High Tea.

29-Aug-12, 16:33
Upper deck does lovely High teas

30-Aug-12, 08:32
Don't waste you're time, they advertise high teas but my wife has tried to book for the last three weeks and they aren't doing High Teas. I don't know how they get away with advertising something they won't/don't supply.

30-Aug-12, 14:09
Norther sand hotel do it and its lovely

30-Aug-12, 22:22
Try 'Cups' in Scrabster: was highly recommended by a few friends recently...
see: http://www.cups-scrabster.co.uk/

30-Sep-12, 14:08
We had high tea at the upper deck three weeks ago and it was great. we are regular custpomers and have never had a complaint. the service and the food are excellent. we always book as they are busy, well they will be as they are highly recommended. In fact after reading this thread i think i will phone and book now. we tried northern sands but felt it was not as good as the upper deck.

17-Oct-12, 13:17
Northern sands hotel does high tea every night untill 7pm.