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27-Aug-12, 09:54
"The only person who can mess this up is yourself" - sheriff

A SHERIFF has given a Thurso man an opportunity to get his life back on track after a last chance plea by his solicitor.
But Sheriff Andrew Berry warned Mark Macleod, who breached a curfew order and struggled with police officers: “The only person who can mess this up is yourself and if you do, you will understand that the consequences will be serious.”
Macleod (28) maintained that the reason he didn’t answer the door to police, checking whether he had adhered to the 7pm-7am order, was that he had taken his usual nightly dose of sleeping tablets and had not heard the officers.
However, the constables, who eventually gained entry to the accused’s home in St Peter’s Road, Thurso, on August 4, with a warrant to arrest him, concluded he was under the influence of drink. Macleod struggled with officers while being escorted to the patrol car, Wick Sheriff Court was told, on Friday.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said that the accused, who is currently carrying out unpaid community service, had been given opportunities to address his alcohol problem, previously, but had failed to do so. However, Macleod had in fact, secured a place in Osprey House, rehabilitation centre in Inverness prior to the offences.
Sheriff Berry, who saw a background report on Macleod, observed that he appeared to have impressed, "at least one social worker".
The sheriff said: “There is a decent person trying to get out but failing time and time again.”
Macleod was sentenced to 30 days on the bail breach which he had already served, given his time on remand.
The accused had sentence deferred on the struggling-with-police-offence, on condition that he adheres to his appointment at Osprey House and accepts all the requirements of staff.
The sheriff will review the situation on September 14 when he will receive a progress report.