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24-Aug-12, 13:05
Four months sentence for "wholly inappropriate conduct".

A PRISONER, who breached his early release licence by throwing a stone through the window of a house, was jailed for four
months at Wick Sheriff Court today.
Sheriff Andrew Berry told Darren Cooper, 27, that his conduct was "wholly inappropriate" and was “typical of your reaction when you don’t get your own way.”
The stone incident occurred outside a house in Provost Smith Road, Thurso, in the early hours of August 4.
The fish worker had been trying to get his partner of four years to leave a party there, and when his efforts proved unsuccessful he threw a large flat stone through the window of an upstairs room which shattered, showering some of the guests.
The offence, which Cooper admitted, along with a previous record, meant he had breached a supervised early release from prison where he had been serving an eight month-sentence for an unrelated conviction for assault, on indictment.
Sheriff Andrew Berry, who saw a background report, commenting that the stone could have potentially caused injury, refrained from sentencing Cooper on the early release breach. The accused will resume the supervision when he comes out of prison to allow him to address anger and alcohol problems.
Cooper was listed as being of no fixed abode but was said to have been staying with his father at an undisclosed address. His four month sentence was backdated to his initial appearance in court on August 6 when he was remanded in custody.

Unhappy over arrests

A WICK man, who twice threatened police officers after being arrested, was remanded in custody pending a background report.
Sandy Johnston (50) was “unhappy” when he was taken into custody at the local police station, on May 18 and vowed to kill officers “stone dead”. A search revealed he had a small quantity of cannabis resin in his possession.
A few months later, on August 14, he repeated the threats after again being taken to the police station.
Johnston of 25 Cairndhuna Terrace, Wick, admitted threatening behaviour and the drugs offence, along with a record.
He will reappear for sentence on September 14.