View Full Version : looking for a joiner, cheepish!!

20-Aug-12, 21:42
Hi im looking for a joiner to change my bottom hallway skirting boards, 3 door frames and put on 2 doors for me. was wondering if any 1 would give me a rough idea on prices ect please? im in thurso, thanx

27-Aug-12, 20:06
unless you get a homer done joinders are not cheap as they train for upto 5 years and you get for the quality you pay for .

29-Aug-12, 11:09
yeah its a homer im looking for! u know any1??

13-Sep-12, 22:57
dont know o many that will do homers anymore lol
but give r mcadie joinery a call hes done plenty for us and he,s always been alot cheaper than all the other joiners quoted
top work to
give him a bell on 07799051766

13-Sep-12, 23:22
Ask for pms as I dont think joiners doing homers want it advertised to all ....