View Full Version : Whaligoe Steps Cafe

19-Aug-12, 18:12
Wow! What a fantastic night out last night - we went to the special Italian evening at Whaligoe - lots of little courses - all magnificent - this lady is an artist in food.
A great cheer went up and loud applause from the assembled company when our hostess came through at the end. You may need a run down the steps afterwards!

I think they are doing one next weekend - worth a try

19-Aug-12, 20:08
I so wish I could get a baby sitter !

John Little
19-Aug-12, 20:08
That little cafe would be one of my favourite places if I still lived up there. It's welcoming, in a striking and romantic setting and owned by people who are good with food and care about it.

Their range of coffees would be hard to beat anywhere.

A really cool place - you have my undisguised envy Spurtle.

19-Aug-12, 21:26
We often pop in for a lunch if we are out and about for a run on the bikes. They are very biker friendly. Our meals have been superb and we will make one of the evenings soon, I am determined, they sound so good and knowing the meals we have had, I think it would be a real treat.