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19-Aug-12, 17:35
Hey ladies, christmas time is coming soon and we only have 18 weeks left to go! Why not have a girls night in and do your christmas shopping from your very own living room! I am starting taking bookings! They are loads of offers on and the christmas book is lovely things! Here is a link for the summer book! If you host a party then you get great offers and discounts! Pm me if interested in ordering or hosting a party!


Corrie 3
19-Aug-12, 18:05
"Christmas time is coming soon"?????
Summer has only just arrived this weekend, leave it out, I dont want to be thinking about snow and ice just yet......or making my body look nice!!!


19-Aug-12, 18:11
One of the rare occasions when I totally agree with C3

Corrie 3
19-Aug-12, 18:25
One of the rare occasions when I totally agree with C3

:);):lol:.......I am slowly winning you round Changi!!! lol.

19-Aug-12, 18:36
Well Christmas time with body shop gets really busy! The summer book finished next month and Christmas book out in October! If your not happy please do not comment! I am looking for business not time wasters!

19-Aug-12, 18:44
If you are looking for business not time wasters, then maybe you should have posted in the business section.

19-Aug-12, 18:45
I have! I can see!

Corrie 3
19-Aug-12, 18:57
If your not happy please do not comment! I am looking for business not time wasters!
"If you are not happy please do not comment"???? Cheeky beggar!!!
Sorry, but on probably the hottest day of the year in Caithness and you put up an advert for Christmas goodies saying it isn't far away and then expect Members to not comment is taking the biscuit. Of course you are looking for business, you want to make some money and use Christmas as an excuse but believe me, it's far too early to be mentioning Christmas and all it brings!!!


19-Aug-12, 19:00
Well I get my books in October! And I a party book! Maybe people may think about Christmas early! How do you know! The next book is for Christmas so yes I will be saying Christmas!

19-Aug-12, 21:38
Yes we had a weekend of sunshine - ( a very rare occasion here in Caithness) Ive started my Xmas shoping as its a very expensive time of year. Does it matter what the weather is like. Good for you Sab1992 - I for 1 will be booking a party soon to get Xmas presents bought regardless of the weather i want to be organised as i dont know what the next few months hold. I will be in touch with dates regarding our PM :)

19-Aug-12, 22:27
Thanks SMS

02-Sep-12, 16:03
Get your party's booking in as there is loads of great offers on and christmas bookings starting Monday 15th October! Get booking partys as loads of discounts too!

12-Sep-12, 16:16
Christmas catalogues came today start ordering from 1st October and get your parties booked as they are just under 12 weeks to Christmas!