View Full Version : Ha, ha, caught meteor with Milky Way again last night :).

19-Aug-12, 13:57

chirpy chick
19-Aug-12, 18:44
cool picture where were you when you took the picture?

19-Aug-12, 22:57
Thanks chirpy chick.
It's Mybster/Spital windfarm on the side of A9.

23-Aug-12, 19:16
Here is a time lapse related to this picture http://youtu.be/L1TzQMEfDL8

23-Aug-12, 19:56
Like the vid a lot !

23-Aug-12, 22:58
Thank you, glad you like it :).

23-Aug-12, 23:53
Maciek, that time lapse video is fantastic. You must have been there for quite a while to get that. Just as well the nights have been warm - I'd watch out for hypothermia if you try that in the winter :eek:

24-Aug-12, 09:25
Thanks Gordon. It took me 3 hours using 2 cameras to make this time lapse, and I have thrown away half of the material from wide angle camera as lens get covered with dew and I did not spot it. I have bought 12V portable hair dryer, which should arrive today, to eliminate dew problem and will try to collect more material for milky way time lapse this weekend if sky will be clear.

chirpy chick
24-Aug-12, 17:44
That was so wonderful to watch.

24-Aug-12, 19:11
Thanks chirpy chick.

Blue fairy
25-Aug-12, 10:11
this is brilliant sometime see the milkyway and the odd meteor from my kitchen door but not brave enough to stay out all night in the cold admire your persistence

26-Aug-12, 17:30
Well thanks, but it is not so cold at night it is still summer :).

Neil Howie
29-Aug-12, 23:22
yeah well that's a cool clip!

31-Aug-12, 20:58
Thanks Neil.
I'm making new clip comprising time lapse and slow motion photage, probably will post link tomorrow in new thread.