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18-Aug-12, 06:57
Cheap cigarettes deal went up in smoke for Halkirk accused, Wick sheriff hears

HEAVY smoker Ronald McGregor jumped at the chance to get some cheap cigarettes while at a football match in Glasgow.
But the bargain deal went up in smoke, Wick Sheriff Court heard yesterday, when the sixty-three-year-old was stopped when he was almost home, by police, who discovered the duty hadn’t been paid on the fags.
McGregor, of Sanna, Sordale, Halkirk, admitted having been concerned in the transportation of illegal cigarettes. The court was told that the 5000 fags he had purchased for 800 would have retailed, legitimately, for 1,190.
The court was told that police had stopped the car for an unrelated reason, on April 5 and stumbled on the accused’s hoard.
Solicitor Neil Wilson stressed that the cigarettes were for McGregor’s own use as a 30-a-day smoker. There had been no question of him supplying them for profit.
Mr Wilson said: “The cigarettes were not a make sold in this country and it should have been plain there was something dodgy about them. They were confiscated by the police before the accused had a chance to smoke any of them.“
McGregor, a first offender, was not present in court but following an instruction from Sheriff Andrew Berry will appear personally, for sentence on August 31.

Sting operation catches postal thief

ROYAL MAIL, concerned about postal packages going missing, set a trap.
They included 13 "test"packages containing cash, in Robert Mcilroy's Wick-Inverness run.
The packages were not delivered and he was seen by police.
Senior fiscal depute David Barclay said: “It was clear that he was the only person who would have had the opportunity to intercept them.”
Mcilroy (47) of Scarfs Craig Place, Wick, admitted stealing the packages, on April 5. The theft, on January 11, was said to have been prompted by financial difficulties he was experiencing.
Sentence was deferred until September 14, for a background report

Report called for on dog death accused

THE sheriff called for a psychiatric report, today, on a Wick man who stabbed the dog he loved to death in a drink-fuelled frenzy.
Alexander McPhee 44 remembered nothing of the bizarre incident and was said to have been “absolutely devastated” afterwards. He had vowed never to keep a pet again.
McPhee admitted causing the collie-cross unnecessary suffering, by repeatedly inflicting injuries as a result of which it died. The incident came to light after the accused went to a friend’s house, late at night, last September and confessed what he had done.
Officers discovered the blood-spattered body of the dog on a chair in the accused’s house, in Cairndhuna Terrace, Wick.
The court was told that a vet, who carried out an examination,found he had received nine wounds measuring two centimetres in breadth which had penetrated at various depths. He estimated that it would have taken the dog 10-20 minutes to die.
Sheriff Andrew Berry heard that McPhee cared deeply for his dog which had been well looked after up until the fatal incident.
The sheriff will see the psychiatric report on 14 September.