View Full Version : Handbag Shoes?

15-Aug-12, 22:32
You know the burn after wearing high heels all night...or taking off said high heels and walking home barefoot as the thought of putting the killer shoes back on is to painful to contemplate....
I have just found the perfect walking home shoes from dyna girl for 4.99 a pair and postage is only 2.99 until you order more than 30 worth of stuff then its free!
The quality isnt the greatest...but they fold or roll up really small and are cheap as chips...so handy to stuff in your handbag or coat pocket for nights out.
Its not like you will be wearing them for any length of time and they do get you home with feet intact!
Much cheaper than others I was looking at...and just as good for what you need them to do...just remember to take the heels home too:eek:

28-Aug-12, 23:53
I've got a pair of them too - 6.99 including postage from ebay, they come in a pouch that folds out into a bag to put your heels in for carrying home, got the leopard print ones but there was loads of other colours. Been used from Barcelona to Edinburgh and all over. Best investment I've made in a while...

30-Aug-12, 21:37
ive seen me take a pair of flip flops in my handbag for walking home at the end of a night out in killer heels. This sounds a good alternative thanks