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14-Aug-12, 18:57
Husband lost his temper while trying to explain

A THURSO man lost his temper when trying to explain to his wife that she had got the wrong end of the stick when she found him with another woman at their home.
The wife, Jacqueline, made a sharp exit but was followed to her car by her husband, Michael Aikman who smashed one of the vehicle’s windows.
Aikman, of Macaulay View, Thurso, admitted threatening or abusive behaviour when he appeared at Wick Sheriff Court, yesterday and had sentence deferred. The court heard that the bedroom discovery was not all it appeared to be.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay explained that the offshore worker had decided to go out for a drink, on August 11 after coming ashore. His wife intended staying with her mother and made the shock bedroom discovery on returning home.
However, when interviewed by the police, Aikman (46) claimed that his wife had misinterpreted the situation.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay said: “He indicated that the person on the bed with him was, presumably, someone had he been drinking with and he had fallen asleep next to her. It was nothing more than that.”
The accused followed his wife out of the house, trying to explain, and lost his temper. As she reversed the car to drive away, it ran over his foot.”
Mr Barclay added that Aikman was not welcome at the marital home.
The case was continued for a background report and the accused was granted bail, a condition being that he has no contact with his wife. Aikman will reappear in court on September 7 when his solicitor, Neil Wilson will speak on his behalf.

House where toddler lived was “filthy”

THE sheriff heard about the unhygienic state of a toddler’s home.
Social workers who made an arranged visit to the home were confronted by rubbish bags piled up in the upstairs room. It smelled of vomit, the 18 month old toddler’s cot was a mess and his milk bottles were left nearby.
The teenage mum admitted causing the boy unnecessary suffering at her home on February 16, after she had consumed an unknown substance to such an extent that she was unfit to care for him.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay said that the accused was “clearly under the influence of something” when she answered the door. He went on: “Her speech was slurred and she seemed to be having problems keeping her eyes open.”
Mr Barclay said there was nothing wrong with the infant, but the house itself was in “a filthy state”.
Solicitor Craig Wood said: “The social workers, fearing a repeat of the situation took the child into
care. He is being fostered and might be taken away from the mother and her partner altogether.”
Sheriff Berry deferred sentence for six months to allow the accused to demonstrate she can behave and will review developments when she returns to court.
Neither the mother or the child can be named for legal reasons.

Grabbed a policeman

FISHERMAN Stewart Dixon was cheeky to police officers when he was asked to give police officers his clothes and grabbed hold of one of them.
The incident happened after Dixon, of Golf View Place, Lybster, was detained in connecting with a domestic matter.
Solicitor Sheena Mair said the accused apologised for having been “an idiot”. She added that if Dixon (30) had simply complied with the request when it was first made, he wouldn’t have found himself in the dock.
Sheriff Berry said that had the accused’s record contained any similar offences, the sentence would have been a custodial one.
The sheriff added: “Assaulting anyone in public duty is not acceptable on any occasion.” Dixon was ordered to carry out 75 hours
unpaid community service.