View Full Version : Wedding band

14-Aug-12, 16:37
Can anyone reccomend a band to play at a wedding

15-Aug-12, 21:35
Eclipse are amazing. That's who we had

16-Aug-12, 14:15
the chickenpickers

mum of three
16-Aug-12, 17:10
Jude are also fab. Been to a couple of weddings they have played at.

17-Aug-12, 15:25
Thank you for the replies, we wanted chicken pickers but they are unsure if they will still be playing as a band next year, will have a look into the two suggested thanks

17-Aug-12, 23:57
Jude played at my sisters wedding and were fantastic, would highly recommend them.

18-Aug-12, 19:38
after saying this to 4 of the chicken pickers today this was news to them!! 2 off them will be at uni tho so would depend on date.

27-Aug-12, 20:08
Jude played at my nephews and the dancefloor was full from the 1st song to the last and the set was never repeated great rapour with the crowed