View Full Version : Accused stripped off after phone theft allegation

13-Aug-12, 16:49
Birthday boy proved you can't hide a mobile phone in your birthday suit sheriff court told
WHEN a mobile phone went missing at a birthday party the finger of suspicion was pointed at Dominic Long because he had a record for dishonesty.
But he protested his innocence and, determined to prove it, he stripped down to his birthday suit.
Not everyone took his naked demonstration in good humour and the 17-year-old ended up by being charged by the police for disorderly behaviour, Wick Sheriff Court heard today.
Long, of Ormlie Crescent, Thurso, pleaded guilty and had sentence deferred for reports.
The court was told that the incident occurred while he was celebrating his birthday and his release from Polmont young offenders centre after a four-month sentence, at a party in Thurso’s Bank Court.
Senior fiscal depute David Barclay described circumstances of the strip, in the early hours of July 24, as “unusual” and not what it seemed.
He said: “The raison detre was not to shock those present or cause a scandal. A mobile phone had gone missing and perhaps not surprisingly, given Long’s record, he was challenged as to whether he knew anything about its whereabouts. He assured those present, most of whom are his friends, that he didn’t have the phone, but his assurance didn’t go down too well. He then proceeded to demonstrate his complete innocence by taking all his clothes off to show that there was no phone on him.”
Mr Barclay said that some of those present dismissed the strip as “a bit of a laugh or a joke” but others felt the accused had taken things “a bit too far” and “should not have gone so far to prove his innocence”
The prosecutor, who made the point that a lot of alcohol had been consumed, added that Long was “very open” about what he had done, when seen by the police... and why.
Mr Barclay stressed that there had been no sexual implications in the incident.
Neil Wilson said that Long had a record for dishonesty and had wanted to prove his innocence, albeit in a graphic manner, after someone pointed the finger at him.
The solicitor added: “He was in effect saying- ‘Look!....I don’t have the phone’”. He agreed that while some of the party people had found it amusing, other had been upset.
Sheriff Andrew Berry was not amused and described the strip as "completely inappropriate behaviour". He deferred sentence until September 5 for a background report which will also investigate whether Long’s conduct has any psychological problems.