View Full Version : Art/Craft Supplies with Highlands & Islands Friendly Postage!

08-Aug-12, 14:02

I feel this company is well worthy of a recommendations post! They have a great range of art & craft supplies ideal for schools, nurseries and clubs, as well as a small selection of book/school bags.

HOWEVER, most importantly... they are Highlands & Islands friendly. And that in itself is cruical to us Orgers, isn't it?!

I went to place a very small order, and was shocked at the suggested postage costs. As usual, I used their contact facility to let them know that it was ridiculous, and was there any way they could look at alternative mailing methods for me? They immediately investigated, came back with an alternative, which cost me less than 2 ( as opposed to 12!!), and I had the goods in my hand less than 24hrs later.

So, if you're looking for art/crafty things, they're worthy of a look. And if you do wish to place an order, drop them a message, and ask if they can look at finding the best value mailing option for you - they will be delighted to accommodate I'm sure. :-)