View Full Version : Isles addition to Academy squad

04-Aug-12, 08:09
James could put Highland League oppostition in a pretty pickle

WICK ACADEMY have recruited an Orkney player to help them in their Highland League challenge this season.
Midfielder James Pickles has signed a one-year contract with the Harmsworth Park Club following a trial in the pre-season friendly against Caley Thistle, which ended in a 0-0 draw last week.
The 21-year-old leaves Rendall F.C. to make a name for himself on the mainland.
He said he was “delighted” to get the chance at a higher level and told his local paper The Orcadian this week: “It will be a shame having to leave Rendall who I have been with, for a good few years but it will be a new challenge for me competing in the Highland League at a higher standard. Academy have been great organising everything. It’s a big commitment in terms of travelling and having to stay overnight, especially in the middle of winter, but it is something that I am definitely prepared to do.”
James added: “The Academy team guys were pretty welcoming when I was over for the friendly and I am looking forward to gelling with them.”.
Academy travel south, today, for their season opener against Strathspey Thistle and are determined to build on last season’s eighth table finish.