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01-Aug-12, 09:32
Little improvement in number of workers unemployed

Rhoda Grant MSP is calling for more measures to revive the construction industry in the Highland council area as official figures reveal that there has been very little improvement in the number of building trade crafts workers who are unemployed in the area over the past year.
In June, the total stood at 265.
In the previous June the figure was 270.
Rhoda Grant said: "With both the UK and Scottish economies now in downturn, its time to turn this recession round into economic recovery, with a strong boost for the construction industry. The importance of this sector in reviving the overall health of the economy cannot be overestimated. The Federation of Master Builders say that for every 1 invested in the construction industry, 2.84 is generated in total economic activity. The UK government needs to ensures that banks lend money to provide essential investment for small businesses, which are prominent in the construction sector, and there needs as well to be a cut in VAT to help jump start the revival.