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31-Jul-12, 07:59
Driver's alcohol level was twice legal limit

A SELF-EMPLOYED fisherman, caught driving with excess alcohol, was fined 500 and banned for a year, at Wick Sheriff Court yesterday.
David Simpson (46) pleaded guilty when he appeared from custody. Tests revealed a breath-alcohol level of 77 microgrammes more than twice the legal limit of 35mgs.
The court heard he decided to drive his van a short distance home, from the Seaview Hotel at John O’ Groats, about 1am on Saturday, after he got tired waiting for a promised lift.
Solicitor Neil Wilson described it as “a piece of foolishness” as the accused’s home at The Anchorage, East End, John O’ Groats, was a mere 10 minutes walk away.

Court calls for report

A WICK man found drunk, and incapable of looking after himself, was said to be currently serving a three-year probation sentence for an earlier offence.
Peter Mackay pleaded guilty and admitted a record, when he appeared from custody.
Mackay (29) was arrested by police in Bremner's Walk, Wick, on Sunday. He was listed as being of no fixed abode but was bailed to his girlfriend's house, in Nicolson Street, Wick.
The accused will be subject to a 7am-7pm curfew pending his reappearance in court on August 17, when Sheriff Andrew Berry will see a background report.