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01-Dec-06, 16:00
I recently spotted in our back garden bird of prey of some kind with a redbreast, bigger than kestrel and smaller than buzzard as I opened window to take photo it took of very fast and low have looked in various books but can't find one with redbreast anyone know what it was.

Tiger Jones
01-Dec-06, 18:51
Probably a male sparrowhawk.


01-Dec-06, 21:38
Sure looks like a male sparrowhawk to me - look a those long spindley legs, dead giveaway.

02-Dec-06, 09:20
That look's pretty much like it thank's,are they common up here? don't think I've seen one before.

Tiger Jones
02-Dec-06, 11:36
They're quite widespread throughout the UK except for the most mountainous parts. There are around 40,000 breeding pairs in britain and 10,000 in Ireland.

Just depends on your luck if you see them and they stay around long enough to identify them.

03-Dec-06, 01:01
There are a lot of birds that are common up here. I find the regulars the best, red robbins and crows