View Full Version : Wasps

30-Jul-12, 13:41
Can anyone recommend how to remove wasp nest I have a swarm of them living in my attic any suggestions would be appreciated

31-Jul-12, 19:03
try and find where their entrance is, and puff wast nest destroyer around it - the wasps will take the powder in on their bodies and wings and it will kill them off.

celtic lass
01-Aug-12, 13:35
i had a wasp nest in my loft and because we had converted it we couldnt find the nest,so we used ant killer powder and sprinkled it at the holes in the roof( to let air in) and they must have taken it into the nest on their bodies and killed the nest of so every january we sprinkle the ant powder again because they did come back the following spring , so thats why we sprinkle the powder every jan,just to make sure they dont come back